ちちのひ あっと ほすぴたる

On Monday Morango and I celebrated a ちちのひ at hospital for ourself. Not only Morango had to care about our Aka-chan. I also had to do many things. So I also had to clean the baby, to change the napkin and to give the bottle, when aka-chan finished drinking from Morangos bosom. I really enjoyed it a lot, to do all these things because I'm in the opinion it's totally normal that I also have to take care about the baby.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I'll pick up both from hospital. First I have to look for the baby because Morango enjoyes a gymnastic class for her pelvic floor. It needs to recover after the birth.

After that I hope we can leave the hospital immediately. And because I can stay at home until April 10th we can practice many more ちちのひ. :)



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